Monday, July 11, 2005

WoW: A New Beginning

I'm thoroughly enjoying playing World of Warcraft on my new computer. It's so much easier to get things done that I was running into a problem with Grimbor. In WoW, your character can "rest" in a city or at an inn, and a rested character gains extra experience for a while when he or she goes back into the field. It was so easy to work quests with the new computer that Grimbor was quickly using up all of his "bonus bubbles".

Now, it's certainly not necessary to be "rested" to progress in WoW, but it somehow offended me that I was getting less experience than I could. Besides, I wanted to create a Tauren character, and this was a great excuse.

Hence, the birth of Haokan, a Tauren Shaman. He's already up to level 8, and he has learned Skinning, Leatherworking, and all of the secondary skills (except Fishing, haven't found a trainer for that yet).

So now I can alternate between the two, letting one build up "rest" in an inn while I play the other.

I also got my first opportunity to participate in "player versus player" or PvP combat over the weekend. A couple of Horde players apparently thought it would be fun to harass the Alliance settlement of Sentinel Hill. Grimbor joined in the fight against them, helping put down a level 23 Tauren Druid a couple of times, but getting smacked himself by an Undead Rogue of such high level that I couldn't even determine it (he could take me out with one swing). I look forward to more productive PvP action in the future.

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