Friday, July 01, 2005

Another Good Night

Dance practice went quite well again this week. I was unsure how many people would attend, given the confusion of the dates. We normally practice on the first and third Thursday of each month, and this was the fifth Thursday of June. Unfortunately, I'd told everyone to come back "in two weeks" at the previous practice, so I didn't want anyone to get to the school and find us absent.

Francesca arrived first (as is often the case) and we started by reviewing Contrapasso, which we hadn't danced in months. About the time we had relearned it to our satisfaction, Iohann arrived, and I took the opportunity to put Francesca on the spot and make her teach it. About the time she got him through it, Gyre and Stephanie arrived, which gave each of us another partner to teach it to.

From there, we moved on to Hearts Ease, Rufty Tufty, Ly Bens Distony, and a review of Amoroso, which I taught at the last class. Now I have to come up with a plan for next week, which will be the first Thursday of the month, and get us back on schedule.

The Royal University of Meridies is coming up in July, and Peryn has asked me to teach a class there, too. A dance geek's work is never done...

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