Friday, July 08, 2005

A Little Class

Only Brad and Natalie made it to dance class last night, but it turned out okay anyway. Of course, only having two students means they will have to learn lots of Italian dances (since English Country typically requires at least four dancers).

Amoroso, Ly Bens Distony, Petite Riens, and Black Alman were the main activities. Some of them were reviews, others were new (at least to these students). Brad catches on to these things pretty easily, but Natalie struggles a bit. We can't all be naturals of course; she'll get the hang of it if she keeps practicing.

Now I actually get a two-week break before the next class; or not. My next event is the Royal University of Meridies, and I'm supposed to teach a class. Of course, I don't know what needs teaching. Lord Andrew didn't have any suggestions, so I've emailed Lady Peryn about it. She's the one who asked originally asked me to teach "something" at RUM when we spoke at Border Raids. I believe a bit more advanced planning is required, here...

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