Monday, July 25, 2005

Did it do any good?

That little sitemeter at the bottom of the page reveals some interesting things. Apart from the minor ego boost I got from passing 1000 visits over the weekend, I also noted that someone visited the weblog after searching for "homeopathic treatments for pink eye" on Sitemeter captures the URL of the page that you came from if you follow a link to the Saga, so I was able to see the exact result of my visitor's search.

Amusingly, the Saga came up third for this person's search. From the tiny excerpt of my page that MSN returned in response to the search, this visitor wouldn't be able to tell that my page was a strong denouncement of Similisan in particular and homeopathy in general. Given the nature of the search, this person probably hoped to see a testimonial or endorsement for a particular product.

Sitemeter didn't record the length of the visit, so I don't know if this person read the entire article. The visitor didn't leave any comments either, so I have no idea what he or she thought of it. It would be nice to think that someone followed my advice to avoid homeopathic remedies and seek the help of a real doctor, but I expect that's truly wishful thinking.

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