Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Spring Event

So I'm working on a proposal for an event to be held next spring. Fjorleif and I have been bouncing potential titles back and forth, and we've got an assortment of possibilities that we'll pitch to the shire next meeting. We want a good, catchy title for the event that will stick in your mind and be generic enough to use for this event year after year, so we don't want it to pigeon-hole the event's activities.

But it's not the event title that I'm currently writing about. We'll work that out with the shire and all will be well. It's the subtitle that has me in a quandary. Fjorleif came up with a really catchy subtitle for an event: "Dance! Dance! Revolution!" (You saw it here first, don't steal my thunder.) Hey, by now I hope you all realize that I am totally in favor of doing a dance-themed event. The question is whether this event has to be tightly focused on dance or open to a broad range of activities. I rather like the idea of getting out and fencing some as well as dancing, and I know the heavy fighters like to get in their stick-swinging time. Both of those activities are pretty incompatible with a lot of dancing, as people who are on the field are not in a dance class.

So, should I propose that all martial activities take place in the morning and end by lunch? Or should I put the DDR title on hold for an event in more inclement weather, which will discourage fighting and encourage indoor pastimes like dance? I'm putting this question out to my readership to try to get an idea what the general populace will do if presented with an event in which fighting is restricted to half the day, so that dancing and other A&S can have the afternoon. Please use the comments link, my friends (no registration necessary).

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