Tuesday, June 14, 2005

WoW: To Build a Better Boomstick

I find that I'm enjoying my hunter character more than my older characters lately. Maybe it's because I had a better idea of what I was doing when I started him. Maybe it's the active and supportive guild that recruited him early in his career. Maybe it's the joy of taming and training pets. Maybe its the accomplishments in his professions. I don't know for sure, but Grimbor has been taking up more and more of my WoW time.

He has completed every quest I can find for him in Dun Morogh; it's time to go to Loch Modan. He has a pet wolf named Freki and a pet leopard named Brindlefaxi. I love Norse names. I think I'm going to let the cat go, though, and try to tame one of the big bears in Loch Modan. The cat doesn't seem to have any special abilities to learn and pass on to other pets.

With regard to the title of this article, Grimbor has learned the designs required to construct a Rough Boomstick, which is an improvement over the gun he currently wields. He just needs to smelt some copper ore to get started. That will be his first priority when he arrives in Thelsamar.


Anonymous said...

glad your having fun.


Valyir said...

Aye, Boomstick's are fun.. But so is cracking some beastie over the head wi' a honkin big axe!

I'm not jus' sayin that.