Thursday, June 09, 2005

WoW: The Long March

Gondul woke up in Orgrimmar this morning with low enough lag to actually accomplish something, so she created a few auctions, picked up all the secondary professions, and started the long journey on foot to Thunder Bluff. An assortment of Fleeting Striders and related beasts lie dead in her wake. Somewhere I've got to pick up a recipe for Strider Meat.

Anyway, Gondul made it all the way to Camp Taurajo before my play time was up. She's resting in a hammock at the inn there.

You always forget something, though. In this case, she forgot to check in with the Wyvern master in Orgrimmar, so she'll have to take another long walk to get back there. At least I reset my hearthstone to Crossroads.

I guess the downside is that I'll have to give up all the quests I took on in Lordaeron. There's no way I'm attempting another zepplin ride until I get a better computer.

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