Sunday, June 12, 2005

Central Cohort War Practice Report

This was an event that I would have to call... under attended. In fact, there were only two fencers present, and maybe a little over a dozen heavy fighters. Maybe people are resting up for Border Raids. Maybe they were afraid of the hurricane. Whatever the reason, there weren't a whole lot of people present. Mores the pity.

Well, I can't pity them too much. Or the people who daytripped and didn't stay for feast. They lost out big time. That feast rocked! Venison pies, honey-orange chicken, mushroom tarts, carrot tarts, salad, rice pudding... all good! What's more, due to the low attendance, we got to fill our coolers with extra food. I will dine well for a week or more. I'm looking forward to Loch Cairn's next event.

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