Friday, June 03, 2005

WoW: Not So Fun

I had a somewhat -- disappointing experience a night or so ago. I was playing Escovar, who's running quests against the Defias Brotherhood around Westfalls these days. I needed to go to the village of Moonbrook to rack up a body count of Highwaymen, Knuckledusters, and some other Defias type. Escovar was level 15 at the time, and these Defias rogues tend to be level 16, so I requested some help on the "Looking for Group" channel and soon had a dwarf hunter grouped with me.

Things weren't going to well in the early stages because I was experiencing a lot of lag; I got ambushed and killed twice while lagging. Nonetheless, we persevered and whacked some Defias rogues.

Then some of his guild buddies joined the group. These were a level 40+ paladin and druid. You can imagine how things went from there; Defias dropped so fast that Escovar couldn't even complete a fireball, and his shares of experience and loot were minimal. Yeah, I got a quest finished a lot faster than I would have otherwise, but it lacked any feeling of accomplishment.

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