Monday, June 27, 2005

Border Raids Aftermath

I spent most of the day at Border Raids fencing, and my muscles won't let me forget it. Most of the day I sucked pretty bad, too. This is what I get for letting practice slip so often recently.

I had a pretty good time during the flag battle, though. Someone stabbed me in the toe, leaving me in a perfect position to observe the battle lines around the flag. I just stayed put and directed traffic, sending our reserves to appropriate places and watching for enemy flank attempts. It was kind of a pity that the battle got cut short because of the heat.

I also got to fight beside the Queen of the Midrealm during the interkingdom rapier practice in the afternoon. I was pretty much "on" during that practice, and we had a good record of success. I always like to see royals on the fencing field; it's unfortunate that so few of my own kingdom's royalty take any interest in rapier.

Dance was a bit difficult, since we were outside the hall with very little light, but we did have at least twelve people dancing at one point, so I call it a decent revel.

Hopefully Cumberland Centre will have made enough on this event to pour a concrete floor in their main hall. The new showers house is very nice, but it's going to need hot water before they use it in any season but high summer.

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