Monday, June 06, 2005

Kingdom A&S Aftermath

Final score for the Laccio d'Amore entry was 18/20. Based on the score of 4/5 that it received on the difficulty portion of the judging sheet, this particular dance will never score a full 20/20 in competition, so it's time to start researching something harder. We had a good time with it, though, and Fjorleif made a short video of the dance during the competition which I hope to have available through the shire website shortly.

Final score for the charcoal project was 11/20. This was not really a disappointment: I knew up front that the documentation was thin and that it was really a very simple example of charcoal burning; I just entered it for fun. I got some very good feedback on how to develop a more robust project for future A&S entries.

Also, at the event, Sebastiana received a well-deserved induction into the Order of the Argent Comet.

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