Tuesday, August 09, 2005

WoW: Killing Time

I was up early playing World of Warcraft this morning, and I did manage to complete a couple of quests while I was out and about. It being a Tuesday, the servers generally go down at about 7am local time for maintenance, and apparently some Alliance players decided that they would burn about half an hour smiting Horde players before the servers went offline.

That's how I ended up scoring four "Honorable Kills" in Player-versus-Player combat this morning. I don't know what level my opponents were; all I could see was that I was fighting a "L?? Rogue" and a "L?? Paladin", but odds are that they were about 40 levels higher than me. No, I did not beat them single-handedly with my L17 Shaman. I mostly cast healing spells on higher-level Horde players who were doing the hard fighting, taking a whack at the invaders every now and then when opportunity allowed. They mostly ignored my attacks, but every now and then one would get annoyed or bored enough to drop me with one swing. Tedious, but not actually un-fun, especially when you know you have to quit in 30 minutes or less, anyway.

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