Thursday, August 11, 2005

Event Proposals

My bid to do the Golden Rule event in April goes up for vote in tonight's shire meeting. There will probably be some issues to resolve with the budget and how many days we reserve facilities at the site, but hopefully we can iron out all of that. The break-even point on my current budget (which may be overblown) is 128 attendance. I don't know if that will be considered high or not. Frankly, I'm not worried so much about making attendance and breaking even (since we're in pretty safe territory financially) as about having a really good event and establishing an event that belongs to Glaedenfeld and has a solid reputation. If that costs the shire a bit more money than it makes the first year or two, so be it (make up the difference with fundraisers or Kingdom-level events).

We shall see what others think.

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