Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A New Drill Thought

I was musing over fencing drills and thought of this one.
  1. Attacker thrusts to the head (target 5 in our Capo Ferro sequence); defender uses parry 5.
  2. Attacker disengages and thrusts to the lead leg or lower body on the sword side; defender uses parry 2.
  3. Attacker disengages and thrusts to the body on the off-hand side; defender voids (using a volta, or "compass step") and counterthrusts, adding a hand-parry for extra safety.
I plan to inflict that on my class next week (or sooner if we do something over the weekend). If I'm particularly diligent, I'll even take pictures and put together a real web page for drills.

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