Monday, August 29, 2005

Tourney of the Foxes

We had good weather for Tourney of the Foxes over the weekend, and there was some pretty good fencing on Saturday. We ended up with four teams, and mine ended up in second place. Congratulations to Corbin, Ysabel, and Feodor for taking the prize. After the tournament, we fooled around with some additional melee scenarios, but nothing major. Feodor also became a Companion of the Argent Rapier, so double congrats to him.

While there was no scheduled revel, I naturally took my music with me, and Julianna and I improvised a revel shortly after feast. This turned out fairly well, since we had four couples on the floor some of the time. At one point, someone mentioned that it would be amusing to do the Amoroso drunk, which immediately prompted Julianna and I to do an improvised performance of the "Drunken Amoroso". Fjorleif was wishing she hadn't left the camera at the cabin. I foresee that little variant being performed again in the future.

Issues with the Event:
  • The site has only one shower house, and it has something like twelve showers. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a divider that you could used to separate a ladies' area from a lords' area. This made getting a shower a logistic nightmare. A simple improvised curtain could have easily taken care of the problem.
  • The cabin's were annoyingly filthy. A quick pass through the cabins with a broom would have made the stay much more pleasant.
  • There was no air-conditioned place into which one could retreat.
  • Feast was extremely unfriendly to anyone on a low-carb diet.
I bring up these issues in the hope that future Tourneys will address them.

The next significant event coming up for us is Unchained Doom. Tavern Brawl and Thing in the Woods are also September events, but we really don't want to try to do more than one event a month; it just makes life too hectic.

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