Thursday, May 18, 2006

Slow Night at Dance Practice

At dance practice this evening, we had the usual suspects, except for Lady Francesca, who got caught up in some family issues. Of course, she would have to drive three or four hours to get there, and I count myself lucky when she does make the trip, especially with today's gas prices.

Not a lot of new dances taught this week. We're still reviewing and drilling on Contrapsso and Parson's Farewell, with some other things that we already know pretty well thrown in from time to time.

We'll be going to the wedding of Lady Juliana and Lord William this weekend. With any luck, she'll gratuitously throw some period dancing into the reception. If not, it'll still be a good time, I'm sure. I shall endeavor to remember to take pictures. If possible, I'll also look into getting the proposal video up somewhere and link to it, since it's just abominably cute.

Two weeks until the combined Kingdom Art & Sciences and Royal University of Meridies event. Lady Francesca is dancing Contrapasso with me for the A&S competition, and I'll be teaching a 16th Century Italian Dance class, as well. This event will be at the Georgia Southwest State University campus, so if you happen to live out that way and find all this period stuff interesting, come on out; we'll find you something to wear.

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