Sunday, May 21, 2006

Our Little Arwen is All Grown Up

Bachelor's of the world lament. Lady Juliana Eileen ingen David (normally known as Arwen, once Garrett, now Wagers) is now all properly married. I realize that I'm not really one of her parents or anything, but she did live in our house for several months, and we did introduce her to her future husband, so we're glad to see this relationship come so this happy stage.

The ceremony took place at her Episcopal church (seen at right during the receiving line), and I think this was the most traditional wedding that I've ever seen in my life. Nothing wrong with that mind you, I've seen some customized services and heard some original vows that were dreadfully corny in my time. This ceremony was very solemn and cultured, except when Arwen got nervous and flubbed her lines (I just can't help picking on her about such things; it makes her blush, and that's just too cute).

Following the ceremony, the reception was held in a tent in the field behind the church. The reception was accompanied by a huge thunderstorm, which prompted the irreverent remark (from me -- I'm such a heathen) "Thank you, Lord, for reminding us to be humble on this, our day of joy." Still nothing really unpleasant occurred, and it was amusing to see many ladies in dresses walking around in the wet grass with their shoes off; the slight slope of the field allowed the ground under the tent to get soaked, even though the rain didn't actually fall there. Several ladies found it easier to deal with wet feet than have their heels sink into the ground. It was fun.

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