Thursday, May 04, 2006

Is Nothing Sacred?

Hollywood executives baffle me. Really! I have no idea what bizarre motivations cause them to do idiotic things like flush Firefly down the toilet yet dump funds into an idiotic project like Bloodrayne. Now, they're going to tear down Scooby-Doo even more.

As if Enterprise wasn't enough of a fiasco, the same network (the newly-merged UPN/WB network) is going to start airing Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get a Clue on Saturday mornings. How is that bad, you ask? Let me fill you in...
  • They live in the "blinged out" mansion of Shaggy's Uncle Albert,
  • The Mystery Machine is a transformer, and
  • Scooby-snacks contain "nanotechnology" that gives Scooby superpowers.

Just knowing that some Hollywood exec green-lighted this show has caused me about 900 Coulters of brain damage.

I weep for our species.

Update: In case you're wondering, a Coulter is a unit of brain damage proposed by Coturnix in the comments of the Pharyngula post linked above. One Coulter is equal to one dead neuron.

1 comment:

heliumphoenix said...

This travesty is nearly beyond comment. As if Scrappy had not been bad enough, this whole concept will fall apart so fast as to be laughable.

Although, I must admit, it is not really suprising that TV execs came up with such a horror.....