Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Dan Akroyd is a Nut

Dan is a member of the club of celebrities who believe silly things for no good reason. This might not surprise you about a man involved in movies like Ghostbusters and Evolution, but it surprised me that he actually takes such things seriously. He has apparently been a believer in the paranormal for a while, and now he’s introducing a DVD, Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs.

Here are some of the juicy quotes from the Reuters article from which I learned about this development.
"My recommendation is to skip through me and get to the film footage, the digital images."

"This is where the whole thing starts to become more credible."

"This is the real stuff. I'm not alone on this. There are many, many people interested in UFOs."
Apparently Dan doesn't understand that the truth of an idea isn't defined by its popularity.

The DVD contains film footage of alleged UFOs along with Dan’s conversations with a “UFO expert” named David Sereda and some other "experts", including a NASA astronaut.

Dan even claims to have had a couple of close encounters himself. Once, near Martha’s Vinyard, he saw…
“…high altitude, glowing magnesium discs traveling at 20,000 miles an hour at 100,000 feet (30,480 metres). ... wing to wing, edge to edge.”
Sure, Dan. How were you able to tell it was magnesium from almost 20 miles away? Come to think of it, how could you tell that there was more than one at that distance if they were "wing-to-wing"? Furthermore, how did everyone else on the eastern seaboard miss the atmospheric shockwave from objects traveling at 25 times the speed of sound?

An unidentified expert told him that what he saw must have been a meteor shower, but that’s far too mundane an explanation for Dan.

He also had a close encounter in Canada…
“The second was a telepathic experience. I was asleep with my wife and I woke up about 3 a.m. wanting to go outside into a field and look at the sky.”
She kept him inside, but the next morning, newspapers and radio reports from across the region were supposedly filled with eyewitness accounts from some of the estimated 12,000 people who saw a pink spiral in the sky. According to the article, the military later said that people in the region had seen a Chinese rocket, but again, Dan requires an explanation that boosts his ego.

This is a classic case of the Wizard’s First Rule in action. Dan ignores the most plausible explanation for phenomena in favor of an unsupportable claim that he wants to be true.

The sad part is that Dan will be regarded as a pseudo-expert by many people, and his credulity will be grounds for many other people to believe ridiculous UFO stories.


Anonymous said...

Finally, someone who isnt kissing up to Dan Aykroyd for something funny he did 30 years' ago! I genuflect to you!

Lord Runolfr said...

Rebecca found the trailer for the DVD.

Lord Runolfr said...

Oh dear... I've been linked on the June 6th news page for I wonder what sort of trouble that might bring.

By the way, that link is from Rebecca of Skepchicks fame.

Anonymous said...

Dan should utilise his available capital by finding the true causes of UFO evidence in the British Roswell incident of March 4th 1954


Anonymous said...

Dan Aykroyd is just trying to tie into something financially lucrative by going off on this tangent.

Anonymous said...

In response to the original article, apparently YOU don't understand that TRUTH IS defined by it's popularity. MONEY, OUR SYSTEM OF TIME = MONEY, both very popular ideas that the world over thinks is the truth. Of course we are all beginning to realize, based on recent advancements in the translating of Mayan glyphs and more importantly, how they perceived time. They wrote about UFO's as well. I think Danny boy might be on to something.

Anonymous said...

Closed minds...bah.

I hope you see one yourself. Then you can put up an apology for bashing people on this topic.

Or take the time and learn something about the facts of the topic before taking such a strong stance against overwhelming evidence.