Thursday, December 08, 2005

WoW: Progress with Druids and Warlocks

I managed to find a bit of time to play World of Warcraft during the week, and I managed to tie up a few quests with my druid character, Gullveig. I think when I last mentioned her, she had just completed the Bear Quest series, but I hadn’t actually used the new ability yet. Well, Gullveig has seen quite a bit of action in bear form since then.

Bear form is basically “warrior light” for druids. You get a substantial increase in durability, some special attacks for extra damage, and a few abilities to focus the attention of monsters on your character. Gullveig tends to start a fight with ranged spells like Wrath and Moonfire, cast a heal over time spell as the target approaches, and then switch to bear form as the enemy gets into swinging range.

She has completed several quests in the Darkshore area, and she’s ready to start a rather complicated quest to acquire her aquatic form. She’ll have to go to Westfall before that quest is complete, so I may be making yet another run through the Deadmines before too long.

I also played with Dagran a little bit. He has moved up in pets, relying primarily on a Voidwalker now instead of an Imp. He’s completed all of the Elwynn Forest quests that I know about, and he’s just made the journey into Westfall. I guess that’s actually two more trips to the Deadmines in my future.

I’ve found that a warlock can easily accumulate a vast horde of soul shards without too much effort. Granted, the things are required for various summonings and some other spells, but I do need room in my bags for loot. I’ve got a bunch stashed in the bank, and I try not to accumulate more than one bag of soul shards while questing. Hopefully I’ll be able to get hold of one of the special, high-capacity shard bags before too long.

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