Friday, December 02, 2005

The Gall of This Guy!

According to an AP report on Yahoo News, Shane Stant wants his criminal record cleared of his conviction for an assault he committed in 1994.

Is he out of his mind? This is the moron who whacked Nancy Kerrigan in the knee with a police baton to try to keep her from competing in the 1994 Winter Olympics. What makes him think that society should just forget that he signed up to be Tonya Harding’s personal knee-capper? I think he should count himself lucky that American law didn’t permit breaking his leg!

"Oh! Woe! The Navy SEALs won’t let me in if I've got a felony criminal conviction!"

Tough, Shane! You should have considered your "dream" of joining the SEALs before becoming a criminal. You don't deserve to be a SEAL, and I don't see why any SEAL would want a treacherous scumbag who tried to cripple an American Olympic athlete at his side when he ventures into enemy territory.

Congratulations to Judge Julie Frantz, who gave him a big "Heck! No!" for an answer.

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