Saturday, December 17, 2005

WoW: Gone Swimming

Yes, after travelling all across the World of Warcraft, searching at length along the bottom of the ocean (and drowning a few times in the process), travelling back across the world, and consulting an assortment of characters for directions and such, Gullveig has finally learned how to turn herself into a seal.

Actually, I'm a little bit disappointed by the aquatic form. Seriously, look at the fangs on that beast, and then explain to me why a druid in aquatic form isn't capable of a bite attack! I don't expect the seal form to be able to perform as well as bear or cat form in combat, but it shouldn't be totally incapable of defending itself. Oh, well... complaint isn't likely to get me anywhere.

If you're on the aquatic form quest, you may have trouble figuring out how to find the two pieces of the Aquatic Agility pendant. You have to talk to the flight masters in Moonglade; each gives you directions to a different half of the pendant.

You can get complete details on the quest from the WoWWiki.


Anonymous said...

I like to think of it more a Demeted Otter than a seal

Lord Runolfr said...

I take it back. The aquatic form actually can defend itself. I was thrown off because it didn't have an entirely separate ability-bar the way the Bear form does. The seal can, in fact, bite (doing the character's normal damage, presumably).