Monday, October 03, 2005

WoW: Dabbling Again

I never can resist the lure of creating characters of classes I haven't played yet. I haven't done a Warlock yet, but I doubt it will hurt you much if you try to hold your breath until I do.

This weekend, however, I created an Orc Rogue and a Night Elf Druid. Both of them are on Earthen Ring, so I can use my existing characters there to "twink" them without reservations. Gullveig, the Druid, isn't anywhere near a mailbox yet, as she's still working the beginner area quests, but Haokan sent Rakthogg, the Rogue, a bunch of bags and some improved armor.

I actually created Rakthogg first. He completed the quests in the orc starting area pretty quickly and moved on toward Razor Hill, as that's the closest settlement with an inn. There's a Troll community on the coast before you get to Razor Hill, and that's where he's doing most of his questing right now, but I always like to quit in an inn to accumulate "rest points" for my next time online. Anyway, he's sixth level, and he has already adopted the Herbalism and Alchemy professions.

I started Gullveig in the wee hours this morning, and she's already level five. I think there's just one beginner quest left before she moves on to the village of Dolanaar.

As soon as Gullveig reaches Dolanaar, I should be able to find an inn (in fact, I have a quest to deliver a package to the inn there). An inn always has a mailbox, so Grimbor will be able to send her some bags and any other useful stuff he happens to have available. She'll probably take up Skinning and Leatherworking, since Grimbor needs a surprising amount of leather for Engineering projects.

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