Monday, October 31, 2005

Being Excellent to Each Other

And partying on, dudes. Halloween Partying, that is. As some of my readers may know (from attending), we held our first annual Halloween Party out at our farm, Howling Rock. You can't really appreciate it from the picture, since the party tent was a black light zone, but we do have a couple of pictures.

Naturally we had attendees in costume; we even had a costume contest with a prize. Unfortunately I was a bit distracted and failed to keep the camera about to get pictures of all the different costumes in attendance, but I did manage to grab this one of Ursula and Hawk as Medusa and the Mad Scientist.

We also had a vampire, a demon, a furry, two Blue Sun Corporation agents, Boccaccio the Bad and his fuzzy-faced fraulein, Maleficent, a Pict-zie, a Harry Potter character that I'm not familiar with (not being much of an HP reader), the Phantom of the Opera, and a smattering of SCA garb.

Special congratulations go out to Jenn, though, who had the prize winning costume of the evening. Not only did she produce a convincing ensemble, she also got extra points for irony with her Cruella DeVille costume (Jenn being a vegetarian).

Other activities included the traditional Bobbing for Apples in the hot tub, an event that was a virtual shutout. Adam cast off most of his Phantom costume and was practically in the tub, waist deep, inverted, snatching apples. I think he ended up with like 75% of all the apples that originally went in the tub.

We also had a scary-but-tasty food contest which included a jello fish bowl, a "vomit" dip, "finger" sandwiches, and an assortment of other creepy delicacies. Sorry, all, but my memory is a bit fuzzy from the "vile green stuff" in the punch bowl. By the way, blood orange juice (if you can find it) and rum make a great mix; have to think of a suitably Halloween-ish name for that concoction. Something bloody, since it's certainly the right color.

There was a bonfire and dancing and much merriment, and I do think a good time was had by all. Most of the guests stayed overnight (many of them being in no condition to drive anyway), and I thank them profusely for their assistance in clearing up the party aftermath. Once we could pry them out of their puppy pile, that is...

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