Sunday, September 25, 2005

WoW: Sunday with the Shaman

A while back, I visited Ragefire Chasm with Gondul, but I forgot to take snapshots of some of the creatures I fought. Well, I've been playing Haokan recently, and I tried taking him into the Chasm with just a Hunter in support. We didn't die or anything, but it became pretty clear when we started pulling three Ragefire Troggs at a time and just barely surviving that we would soon be in over our heads. We therefore chose wisdom over insane valor and retreated. Nonetheless, I did manage to get a couple more images during the expedition.

In addition to the Troggs, I managed to capture a better image of the Earthborers that you encounter as you first enter the dungeon. Paying more careful attention to the messages on my screen during this trip, I determined that Earthborers are not poisonous; they're acidic. The acid reduces your armor values for a fairly long time after exposure. This means you take more damage if you're under attack, but it's harmless between fights and you can just wait for it to wear off if you want.

Haokan achieved Level 20 during the expedition into Ragefire Chasm, and that allowed me to purchase the Ghost Wolf spell. This enables him to transform into a ghostly wolf that can run considerably faster than our happy little Tauren. Having Ghost Wolf is almost as good as having a proper mount.

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Leon said...

Ghost wolf is very good - so sayeth the lvl 60 Shaman who still doesnt have a mount despite nine months of play, with talent to make it a 1sec cast and now compatible with Natures Swiftness

Good to see your having fun in the world, i retired my priest as it was hell trying to solo and now rarely play the hunter on SC