Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What the Psychics Said About 2005 Hurricanes

These are predictions regarding the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season that I found by Googling “psychic hurricane prediction 2005”. As far as I can tell, these were posted on the dates specified on the web page and not altered since, although some editorial updates have been added to some of them. Quotes were take from the pages on September 21, 2005.

On February 11, 2005, the Mystic Tarot said that “This 2005 Hurricane season will bring a needed change to Florida residents, and rest from the storms of last year. We predict a relatively quite hurricane season with little activity, and no major hurricanes striking Florida. We anticipate that Florida will be spared more damages like the ones caused by the hurricanes of 2004.” Emphasis theirs.

Of course, hurricane Dennis hit Florida in July, and hurricane Katrina cut a swath across Florida before going on to do even more damage in Mississippi and Louisiana in August.

On Thursday December 16, 2004, the Psychic School predicted “6 major hurricanes for Caribbean, Mexico and East Coast – two affecting Florida and Georgia.

Hmmm… no mention of Louisiana or Mississippi.

Five-Star Psychic Advice had no hurricane predictions, but watch out for Mt. Saint Helens to erupt between October 13th and 19th. Also, Bob Barker (of the The Price is Right fame) supposedly died in January, June, or July.

Dr. Louis Turi predicted an “Increase in destructive weather patterns leading to volcanic eruptions, larger quakes and hurricanes. Costal cities to suffer severely from nature's forces during the night hours.

First, volcanoes and earthquakes have nothing to do with the weather. Second, Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Mississippi at 6:10 am CDT and did most of its damage during the day, not "during the night hours". Finally and least significantly, the spelling of "coastal" came with the cut-and-paste.

The Aquarius Metaphysical Newspaper published 2005 predictions from several psychics, including…
Elizabeth”, who apparently had no premonitions about hurricanes;
Tricia McCannon, who didn’t see it coming, either;
*Name removed*, who was just as oblivious;
Cathy H. Burroughs, who was also blind;
Dr. Kate Brooks, who said “The currents of the oceans and the winds are changing” but also said “It will be three years before the full effect of these changes are felt”; and
Queen Mother”, who saw nothing about hurricanes, but did foresee that “Michael Jackson will be convicted and will serve time.

Update: I received a request to remove the name of one of the "psychics" from Aquarius because he was creating confusion with someone else of the same name, which was apparently generating some undeserved negative feedback. The link to the original article is still valid.

Six clueless “psychics” in one convenient package.

“World Reknowned Clairvoyant Psychic” Rose Ann Schwab saw nothing about hurricanes in 2005.

Naturally none of them made any predictions that might tell us what Hurricane Rita is going to do, either. I’m simply stunned (or not) by the accuracy of these psychics. It’s almost like they were just guessing what might happen.


Anonymous said...

Still, don't you think that it's kind of eerie that six psychics could be *so* wrong? Kind of an amazing coincidence, huh?


Skeptico said...

re: clueless “psychics”

Surely some redundancy there?

Lord Runolfr said...

In further psychic incompetence news, Hurricane Wilma ended up being another major hit for Florida, Mt. St. Helens is still quiet, Bob Barker is still breathing, and Michael Jackson remains at large (althoug he seems to be planning to move to the Middle East).