Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Insulation Monkey

Over the weekend, we managed to finish sticking insulation into the upper floor of the cabin; I spent most of the afternoon hours in a silly jump suit and filter mask. I think I looked like one of the evil scientists from ET. We also carried the panelling up there, but haven't nailed it in place, yet. Since we're planning to visit my parents over the coming weekend, I don't expect there'll be much progress this week.

Jodi may come out to her first fencing practice tonight, but I'm not sure. She disappeared from work fairly early without me getting a chance to confirm. It'll be nice if she makes it, though. More drills for my little students. They must submit to my will! Or not... I haven't actually received my replacement Authorization Card, yet, so technically Corbin has to be in charge. Heh, heh... he'll love that. "Do paperwork, foo!"

We'll also be having dance practice this week, after several weeks off. I really should come up with a lesson plan, but such things are always so dependent on attendance that it's rather impractical. I guess I'll just wing it as usual.

My congratulations go out to Llewelyn and Ursus for joining the Order of the Meridian Blade.

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