Monday, April 18, 2005

Cabin Progress

Oh, the joys of a weekend of yard work. Once again, muscles I forgot I had are reminding me of their existence in a painful manner.

However, we have the yard pretty-well mowed, a garden started, panelling up in the cabin, and electricity run to the cabin. Not a bad weekend of work: many thanks to all those who came out and pitched in. Rich and I still need to finish that game of Star Wars Trivial Pursuit to see who is truly the more serious Star Wars geek.

Next weekend will be the mile-long yard sale in Watertown, where we shall hopefully divest ourselves of large quantities of space-claiming junk and make a little cash on the side.

Dance practice this week; here's hoping that I will actually have students.

1 comment:

Wha Ha said...

I think you are the winner of the movie side of the house! You had a clear grasp where I was struggling.. I believe I need to sit and watch them again...