Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Long Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was actually quite busy for me. The Shire of Crimson River held their first Spring War College event on Saturday at Long Hunter State Park. That’s so close to home that it would be ridiculous not to go. I spent most of the morning on the rapier field practicing melee tactics, then went down to the archery range to join the Queen’s Yeoman tournament. I made it back up to the rapier field towards late afternoon to challenge Ysabel (successfully) for the Iron Ring of Meridies. I think the highlight of this match was actually the first round, since both Ysabel and Feodor had fencing-legal two-handed swords on site that we used for the first round of the match. For those interested, the Precious’s next stop is Kingdom Arts & Sciences.

Sunday I joined a trip to the zoo with some folks from the event: Taddea, Sophia, and some of their family and friends. I hadn’t visited the zoo in years, and I knew there had been some significant expansion, so I was glad to join their trip.

Monday I went with Juliana and William to the last day of the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. It was a beautiful morning and a rainy afternoon, but quite a fun trip overall. We spent a good bit more time shopping and socializing than seeing shows, which is actually a switch from previous years for me.

Pictures will have to wait for me to get the appropriate USB cable for my new camera (although Juliana sent me this one of our RenFair group, which is good, since I didn't even remember to take my camera that day).


Amanda said...

How do you all keep tabs on where the Precious is at any given time?

Anonymous said...


on your taking of the precioussh!!!!


Lord Runolfr said...


Generally we just ask at any given event "who has the precious" or check the SERapier yahoo group to see if anyone posted about it.