Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Kingdom Arts & Sciences

Gotta post something, even if I haven't got pictures from last event up yet (I appear to have thr wrong USB cable for my camera).

So, I'll be at Kingdom A&S this weekend. I have a performing arts entry, which is a collaboration with Lady Juliana Eileen ingen David, who has researched and arranged the music for the dance I'll be performing, Villanella. She will also be performing the music live for us on her harp. Having practiced to some of her playing, I'm not-so-gently nudging her to record an album of dance music.

KA&S is going to be a busy time for me. I generally don't plan on doing any fencing at major A&S events, but this time I have the Iron Ring of Meridies, and I think I would be remiss to go to a big event and not give some people a shot at it, so I'm planning to armor up early to provide those opportunities. I'll have to leave the field by about 11:00, though, so I can get cleaned up and go to my first-ever Order of the Velvet Owl meeting. After that, there's the Saltare Guild meeting, followed by a few hours of practice before the performing arts competition, in which I'm lucky enough to have Lady Ginevra Brembati as my dance partner.

It'll be hectic day.

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