Monday, May 05, 2008

Iron Man Review

OK, this is just a brief review. Iron Man kicked some serious buttocks. Good pacing, good acting, good direction, just generally good movie-making. Furthermore, they didn't abuse the source material. In the movie, Tony Stark is a drinking, womanizing, playboy jerk, but that's consistent with the comic book character; everybody has character flaws, you know. The various stages of the armor construction are great fun to watch.

As for the bonus scene at the end of the credits, I won't reveal anything except to say that Marvel seems to be laying the groundwork to start having cross-over movies involving multiple heroes. That will be really nice if they do it well.

Nitpicks in the comments.

Update: There's a trivia item from the write-up of Iron Man that just has to be shared...
Robert Downey Jr. further described his portrayal of Stark as "a challenge of making a wealthy, establishmentarian, weapons-manufacturing, hard-drinking, womanizing p#&%! into a character who is likable and a hero."


Lord Runolfr said...


They say the miniature power supply generates 3 GigaJoules per second (3 GigaWatts), enough to power his heart-magnet for 50 lifetimes or something big for 15 minutes. Wrong units, guys. 3 GW tells you how many magnets or how many bigger things you can run at once, not how long you can run them.

The Mark I armor seemed too bulletproof. We've seen on MythBusters that small arms like pistols and assault rifles won't penetrate a propane tank, but that .50 cal machinegun is a different story. The later armor has the best materials money can buy, the the first model didn't have that advantage.

The crash of the Mark I armor didn't look survivable, let alone like something a man could walk away from. They needed to reduce our impression of the impact.

No tank commander would try to hit a flying target with the main cannon; it just isn't designed for that. Actually succeeding in doing so is absurd.

Saranga said...

I finally saw the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it. However I think the part I'm most excited about is the hidden scene...