Friday, May 06, 2005

WoW: Socializing

I decided to retreat from Loch Modan for a little while last night; the monsters there were just too tough, so I headed back into Dun Morogh for a while to finish off a lingering quest. While heading that way I met Lorrax, a nice gnome warlock who helped me whack the oversized Wendigo on the ridge above the ram farm. That is a very nasty beast.

After the Wendigo, we started heading back toward Loch Modan; I figured that having a warlock at my back would make some of those monsters easier to handle. Lorrax had to handle some real-world issues for a bit, so I wandered around just east and south of the ram farm and discovered a quarry with two more quests! I was cheerfully mining and whacking troggs when Lorrax returned, and joined the questing. While we were in the quarry, we met Thazorin, a dwarf priest who joined the fun. Many troggs were smitten by our combined might, and some good loot came out of our cooperation. Those two are now on my friends list for future gaming.

Back by myself in Loch Modan this morning, I found that I'm now able to handle the bears and spiders on my own as long as I don't get mobbed. Checking my mail, I discovered that the leather pattern I put up for auction sold for almost 50 silver... SWEET! There are some castles or something on high cliffs around here that I really want to investigate, but I haven't found a path to them yet. There also seem to be plenty of mining spots, but they tend to be near Splinterskull Trogg camps, and I can't handle more than one of those beasties at a time; I'll have to group with somebody to get those.

BTW: Thelsarma is officially not so lame. There is a forge there, it's just in a weird location where you don't look for it and don't spot it immediately.

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