Monday, May 02, 2005

Iris Fair, Border Raids, and A&S

Well, the next weekend on the Kingdom calendar that I consider open enough to attempt is November 19th. That could be a very cold event. On the other hand, it might be perfectly comfortable. You never know in middle Tennessee. I've seen at inquiry to see if Henry Horton State Park is available that weekend; it would at least give people the option of retreating indoors (big hall, conference rooms, motel rooms, and/or cabins) if the weather was bad, and it's not really a bad site for an event (although the restaurant leaves a bit to be desired). Failing November, I'd say the next real opportunity is next April.

Border Raids is coming up down in Delvingrim, and I think we're going to set up a House Optimus camp. It should be interesting to see how well Cumberland Center handles such a large event. I will also be interesting to see how many Midrealmers make the trip. I don't see that it's a lot farther south of their border than Fort Knox is north of ours, but rumor has it they'll have poor numbers this year. Next year, of course, is the Midrealm's year to host, and the shire is considering bidding for it the year after (2007). I think we should, but whether the rest of the shire will go for it remains to be seen.

I put in my order for a bar of pewter last Friday; I expect it will probably arrive sometime this week. Then I have to get off my buttocks and start being crafty. First project is an Argent Comet medallion which I can hopefully turn out in bulk and donate to the Kingdom (less one for myself, of course).

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