Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dubious Email

What a surprise! I apparently won some kind of contest that I didn't even enter!

You have receive this notification because this email account ( ) was enter as a bonified winner in the Euro Million online promotion draw with a prize benefit of (€510.250 Euros). If you are the owner of this email ( and you wish to claim this prize, please contact Mr. Phillip Sillas for more information to claim your Euro Million Prize.

You are to present these Coupon Numbers: EU/3544-2100-10SP for identification along with your Name, Age, Sex, Occupation, address and phone number.

Mr. Phillip Sillas,
(Public Information Officer)
Central Promotion Dept.
No. I don't believe this for a second. This is either an identity theft scheme or an advance fee fraud or both. Tipoffs include...
  • No branding of any sort on the email. While corporate logos and such don't guarantee legitimacy, lack of them is a pretty solid indicator of a scam. If there were really a half-million Euro prize, someone would have to be bankrolling it, and they wouldn't do it without recognition.
  • No web link. A link is no guarantee of legitimacy either, but at least it would be something that could be investigated. Practically every modern company with an email address also has a web page, so this is super suspicious.
  • The email addresses of the contacts are all generic services. An outfit with a half-million Euros to spend on a contest can afford its own domain name and use it in its correspondence. The source address of the email doesn't even match the contact addresses in any way.
  • Shoddy spelling and grammar. You'd think scammers would have learned to use spell-check by now.
So, this is obviously a fraud of some sort. It will get no response from me (except weblog ridicule).


N said...

There's also a Nigerian prince who will share his wealth with you if you let him use his bank account to help get his father released from prison.

Anonymous said...

I also recieved the same email..these people must think we are stupid !!