Monday, January 31, 2005

First time Autocrat

Over the weekend of January 29, 2005, I managed to complete my first SCA event as an autocrat. I suppose it could have been worse. The event was Saltare, a dance collegium for the dance guild of the Kingdom of Meridies. There were some early logistical problems; I proposed this event to the guild as far back as May, but I couldn't get approval for it from them until October 1st; this annoyed me to no end, because my objective in submitting the bid so early was to get it approved and develop the class schedule far in advance so I could promote the event effectively. As it turned out, I got the class schedule for the event on the Friday before it happened, so it was impossible (IMHO) to promote it the way I wanted to.

All that aside, the event was about as well attended as the two previous Saltare events, and it made money both for my shire and the guild, so it could have been a lot worse.