Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Death Star Conspiracy

A new conspiracy theory has emerged on Facebook.

Like conspiracy theories typically are, this one is full of holes:
  • Darth Vader was not in command of the Death Star; Grand Moff Tarkin was.
  • Darth Vader didn't build R2-D2; that droid was built before he was born.
  • There is no record of Darth Vader having children.
  • The exhaust port was not two feet wide: it was two meters wide; there are kids on Tatooine who can hit a target that size from a skyhopper.
These conspiracy nuts clearly don't want to acknowledge the very simple failures that lead to the loss of the Death Star.
  • If the Imperial intelligence services had been doing their jobs properly, the schematics for the station would never have fallen into rebel hands in the first place.
  • If every single gun turret on the station hadn't been designed to shoot at cruisers with no regard to the possible threat of fighters, the rebel attack would have been quickly repelled.
  • If the exhaust port had been fully shielded instead of just ray-shielded, there would have been no rebel attack at all.
This is yet another smear campaign aimed at Darth Vader simply because he was the sole survivor of the Death Star, when logs of the battle show that he was the only one who took action when it became apparent that the station's gun turrets could not rotate quickly enough to target starfighters. He ordered his squadron of fighters to repel the attack, placing himself at risk to lead the defense.

We should be glad he survived instead of trying to blame the Death Star fiasco on him.

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