Thursday, January 19, 2012

More ZombieFit

We did the ZombieFit workout of the day for 1/16 this morning. Including warm-up, that includes:
  • Running 1/4 mile
  • 75 push-ups
  • 75 squats
  • 45 crunches
  • 45 burpees (oh, how I loathe the burpees!)
  • 30 jumping jacks
  • 300 meters of sprints (which is guesstimated at three laps around the gym)
And because we're gluttons for punishment, we also did 45 pull-ups and 10-15 meters of "kong walk".

Zoo Run for me on Saturday. Come on out! Share my pain!

1 comment:

Nena said...

Don't forget the kong-hops we added at the end. Those are my ISuckAtThis and they were HARD. :)

This morning was great. Thank you for getting me through it. :*