Thursday, May 20, 2010

Iron Man Fridge Logic

Didn't we learn in the first movie that Tony Stark's armored suits are powered by the miniature arc reactor that he wears in his chest to power the gizmo that keeps his heart beating? This would include the second suit he built, the Mark II armor, in particular.

So how was James Rhodes able to operate the Mark II suit in Iron Man 2? If Tony wasn't wearing it, it wouldn't have a power supply.

My geek-fu is still strong.


Butters said...

uh, let's see... a reactor built into the suit itself? That way it has it's own power supply... however it doesn't seem to yet have the upgraded reactor of Tony.

Lord Runolfr said...

We've seen no indication that any of Tony's suits (in the movies) have independent power supplies. In fact, there should be more than two miniature arc reactors in existence.

Oh, well. Can't expect continuity from Hollywood.