Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is this transparent or what?

How about another scam email? This one wants me to give away my email account password. Of course, the most obvious giveaway was that it didn't even have a Charter return address. The shoddy grammar and total lack of the usual Charter branding in the formatting of the email don't help.

This message is to inform all our CHARTER email account owners that we are currently upgrading our data base and e-mail account center.We are deleting all unused CHARTER email account to create more space for new accounts.

To prevent your CHARTER account from closing you will have to update it
below so that we will know that it's a present used account.

Email Address:...............
Date of Birth :.................

Warning!!! Account owner that refuses to update his or her account will lose his or her account permanently.

Thanks For your understanding.
Charter Communication
No, you may not have my email address, password, and date of birth for use in your identity theft schemes, moron.


Andy said...

I received something similar last month "from my provider"...


Dear XXXXX DearSubscriber,

This is an Administrative Message from XXXXXXX Maintenance Unit .It is not spam.We're currently Upgrading all Subscribers in order to communicate important information We're writing You to confirm the following,

Account Name:

After you've signed in, click on "Profiles to Viewed Account name and Password,

The XXXXX Support center or representative need to viewed your password in order to assist you. And If you or someone on your behalf did not contact XXXXXX center immediately Your Account will be close,

XXXXXXX Maintenance Unit


The impeccable spelling and grammar seriously had me thinking this was genuine for half a second or so. Then I alerted my provider since this had somehow got though their own filter system.

N said...

I got that email last week. It looked totally legitimate to me. I gave them my SS# too, just in case they needed it.

I'm also still waiting on my big bank deposit from the newly freed Nigerian prince.