Sunday, September 07, 2008

Preparing for Coronation

I spent some of the weekend helping to prepare for the upcoming Meridies Coronation. In particular, we'll be serving some fried fruit pies for breakfast Saturday morning, and we put those together this afternoon.

Bread mixerHighly unperiod kneading methodology.Assembly crewWilliam, Juliana, and Constanza work the dough.
Apple piesRectangular pies are apple.Rolling pin workRolling, rolling, rolling.
Blueberry piesTriangles are blueberry.Cherry piesTriangles with folded corners are cherry.

Make the dough, roll the dough, fill with fruit, fold, crimp, freeze. That was the plan for the day. The actual frying will occur on site. As noted above, the contents are coded by shape.

The lurking puppy is Randy, who was fervently hoping we would get clumsy and drop something good. He got lucky occasionally.

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