Monday, September 29, 2008

Fishing Expedition

The view from the western lamp-post.And not even the evil internet kind. William and I drove up to visit Francesca over the weekend, where we were able to enjoy the benefits of her 5-acre lake by canoeing about it with fishing poles, searching for bass and catfish. We didn't get any catfish, but we overloaded on bass. The general consensus is that the bass are a little over-populated and exceedingly bored, so they'll even bite down on a bare hook just for a change of pace.

So dumb it will strike a bare hook.Consequently, we came off the lake with almost 30 "keepers" and had a fish fry that night on the back porch of Francesca's hobbit hole. I don't suppose there's much reason to post the whole procedure twice, so I'll just direct you all over to my LiveJournal post, in which I have more pictures and assorted details of the catching, cleaning, cooking, and consuming of a whole bunch of bass.

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