Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gulf Wars XVII (part 5)


Friday I decided to take a day off from fencing, as I was feeling the effort quite a bit. I wouldn’t be able to fight in the Ravine Battle anyway, as I would have kitchen duty in camp when it was supposed to be going on. Therefore, instead of gearing up to try to fence in the morning, I went to do a little bit of shopping and got myself some “legal” arrows for target archery (my practice arrows have carbon fiber shafts; the SCA requires wood shafts for competition shooting). After doing my part for the merchants by acquiring new arrows and a quiver from them, I went down to the range for a while and did some shooting for the war point. I determined that I can shoot five or six arrows in thirty seconds and put two of those into the six-inch-wide target representing a castle’s arrow slit (at a range of about ten yards).

Meridien Court
I was ambushed, I tell you. Her Grace Katrina asked me to be her escort to court on Friday evening, which is not at all unusual. The Order of the Velvet Owl was called, and that’s not unusual either. The herald calling me up to join the Order was completely unexpected. My humble thanks to Her Majesty and the Order for the honor.

Gulf Wars Ball
Duchess Katrina hosted the Gulf Wars Ball, for which we – appropriately -- had the most elaborate refreshment table (helped by the fact that she had previously provided refreshments for the Meridien Ladies of the Rose Tournament, from which we had some excess supplies to use). This ball was an amalgamation of favorites from the various other Kingdom Balls, and we moved swiftly through the list to have plenty of time for requests.

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