Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gulf Wars XVII (part 3)


Dance Class
On Wednesday, I taught 16th-century Italian dances again, and with Antonello teaching his class right after mine, I got him to teach Villanella, which is a 16th-century Italian dance that was on his list for the Ansteorra Ball. I’m still getting refresher’s on that one.

Everyman Tourney
After class, I was Quentin’s authorization fight, then I took him down to the Fort for the Everyman Tourney, which is a tourney for anyone who does not have his or her kingdom’s top rapier award (Meridien Order of the Blade for us). A cadet from the Midrealm (I think) killed everyone in our initial pool, so we didn’t advance. No problem, we gathered up some people and fought melees behind the fort. We started with 2-on-2 matches, but we were up to 9-on-9 before my legs gave out and I returned to camp.

Ansteorra Ball
Antonello ran the Ansteorran ball, and all went well, I think. Someone from his group had the bright idea to buy out all the remaining stock from the bread merchant as the shop was closing, so Ansteorra had a very nice refreshment spread.

more to come...

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