Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Slow on the Writing

Yes, I let the weblog slide for a week. I spent most of last week going to programming classes. Hopefully, within a few months, I'll have an MCAD certification, but spending another five hours in class after going to work all day leaves little time for bloggery.

On the SCA front, I have placed an order with Darkwood Armory for a new sword which I should have in time for Pennsic. I'm also dabbling with a couple of dance reconstructions, and I may just decide to teach them at Pennsic if I can get them down to my satisfaction by then. One of them, Villanella, is already known in the SCA, but the other, Contrapasso Nuovo, will pretty much be a new contribution to the SCA repertoire, I think.

Upcoming events for me include Back to Basics and the Royal University of Meridies.

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