Sunday, June 03, 2007

Kingdom Arts & Sciences 2007

I didn't publish anything about the Kingdom A&S event before going because I really had nothing to say before the event. I haven't completed any dance reconstructions or other projects lately that I would consider ready for competition, so I figured I would just have it be the first A&S event at which I worked purely as a judge.

In actuality, I didn't even end up as a judge. There were no dance entries at all this year (something I shall have to rectify before next year), so there was no call for a judge with my particular expertise. This left me with no serious responsibilities, which is an infrequent but pleasant condition for an event.

I did find my self pressed into service to help organize a vigil, since my apprentice brother, the Honorable Lord Gareth O'Gwynned, was elevated into the Order of the Laurel at the event. In addition, our good friend Lady Ciara was also elevated, and our fencing buddy Sirona joined the Order of the Argent Rapier, so this was a very good event in many ways.

To finish things off, Lady Andreva Rigaldi organized an excellent ball for us on Saturday evening. Naturally, the ball that was scheduled to start at 8pm didn't actually start until 10pm, since court started late, ran long, and then we had a long feast, as well. Still, we had an excellent time dancing the evening away -- as well as watching some excellent music and dance performances between sets -- before finally falling into bed around 2am.

Following this event, I have a new entry in my link bar: Greet's Middle Ages. Greet is a lady from the far south of the kingdom with whom we had a wonderful time at the event. More lovely dance partners for me is always a good thing. Despite her site actually being a weblog, I've listed it under SCA sites instead of Bloggery.


Susan said...

re: THL Gareth -- WooHoo! Wish I could have been there. I wandered over here from thirteen_letters.

jerusha (FlorentineScot on LJ)

Greet said...

See, you write about a person, she finds herself via Google, she fills your inbox with blog comments. Nice to see I'm not the only one who enjoys talking to herself in public. I'm sure you're having a wonderful time at that faraway planet called Pennsic.

Lord Runolfr said...

Not quite yet, Greet my dear. I depart for the war on Thursday.