Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Pewter Casting Resources

I had a comment from "Rhiannon" that asked...

Hi there, I've been trying to find out how/where to learn to cast pewter, in the high hope of casting a set of pieces for a game a little like chess, only with dragons and mages.

Would you be able to tell me how you learned (or perhaps give me some pointers)?

I can't seem to find her comment anywhere in the blog anymore, but I did get the email notification in late January, so for anyone else who might be wondering, I found an article about Pewter Casting in Soapstone Molds on the internet.

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Theatrix said...

We have a simple tutorial on using Silicone RTV to create molds for casting pewter. One of the benefits is that it tolerates undercuts. We also have information on where to find safety and equipment for pewter casting.



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