Monday, February 26, 2007

Born Free?

My brother- and sister- in- law treat us well when we visit. That usually includes complete breakfasts in the mornings. Such breakfasts often include eggs. I'm going somewhere; wait for it.

My sister-in-law purchased some rather special eggs which were served when we last visited. All-natural, vegetarian-fed eggs under the brand name "Born Free" in fact. It's a very impressive label. You might even get the impression that they were from free-range chickens. If you got that impression, you'd be wrong.

Here's the basic label. Note that it says "Born Free" in very large characters.

Note also that it says "from caged hens" in rather small, white characters on a very light background.

Let me emphasize that for you if you're having trouble reading it.

Despite being called "Born Free", these are not free ranged chickens. The eggs come from "caged hens". While you might be interested in eggs from chickens fed an all-vegetarian diet (and my good lady wife points out that feeding hens corn is actually typical), you wouldn't want to buy these eggs on the assumption that they're coming from free-range chickens.

Have we learned to read the fine print, now?

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Anonymous said...

They most probably cost more, which would prove they were better for you.