Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Evil Genius

I found an amusing little computer game called Evil Genius at Big Lots over the weekend. It’s a Real-Time Strategy game with the basic premise that you’re a James Bond-style villain trying to take over the world. It appeals to my fiendish little heart, and apparently it appeals to my wife’s as well, since she’s playing it, too. Not bad for a $4.00 purchase.

Evil Genius is a product of Sierra Software, and there’s a website for the game at www.evilplanet.com. The game apparently had some problems that required a patch (which I’ve already installed), and it still has a tendency to crash; I suspect these flaws may have kept it from being a big success, but it’s so much fun that I think it deserves a sequel from Sierra with some additional features, like some customization of your villain (currently you just choose one of three) and multi-player capabilities.

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