Tuesday, June 13, 2006


We bottled up the Amarone on Sunday. I’m a bit apprehensive, since in preparing for the bottling I discovered that the water level in the airlock had fallen to the point that it wasn’t really locking any more. Exposure to free oxygen is bad for wine in a number of ways.

To combat the possibility of oxidation and/or bacterial action in the wine, we added sulfites before bottling. This is something we were actually going to do anyway, since the kit instructions said that the wine wouldn’t age well unless some such measures were used to help preserve it. I had a taste as we bottled, and it seems sound, but it also had that “just added sulfites” taste, so I hope that drops away soon.

We’ll be looking to start a couple more batches of wine in the next few weeks; probably a Concord-Muscadine and a Maywine.

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