Monday, April 03, 2006

Spring Coronation

Spring Coronation has passed. All Hail King Godwine and Queen Francesca. For those who didn’t hear the story yet, Queen Diedre was kidnapped on her way to set up a shrine to house some saintly relics, and King Boru abdicated so he could go to her rescue.

I realize that it’s important business, but coronation is actually a pretty dull event if you’re not a peer, which means you have meetings to attend with the new crowns. There were also a couple of heavy fighting tournaments during the day, but that’s it. It’s probably not feasible to have much more going on, since those meetings tend to tie up the most productive people in the kingdom for most of the day, but I can see why people who aren’t peers don’t feel very motivated to go to coronation.

I would like to thank Duchess Katrina, the Honorable Lord Gareth, the Honorable Lord Reinmar, the Honorable Lady Lora Greymare (new award!), Lady Francesca, and of course my Lady Fjorleif for helping me organize the White Rose Ball. I felt rather overwhelmed by the ball, since there’s a lot more protocol and ritual to it than I realized, but with their help I think it came off fairly well (but only fair; thanks from crowns and others notwithstanding, I’m a bit disappointed with myself). I’ll add a special thanks to the Meridien Musicians Guild for providing live music, including two rounds of Hole in the Wall.

Next weekend we’ll be doing demos with the Shire of Loch Cairn at the Winchester Dogwood Festival.

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